Choosing Quality is Easy

There are lots of franchises to choose from, and you probably have your own list of criteria that are important to you.

As you work through your selection process and develop your own short list, remember that there are certain things that need to stand out.

Can a franchise deliver the income you need or want? Does it give you the work/life balance you strive for? Does it make best use of your skills?

Brand awareness is also vital, choosing a franchise that already has national coverage is going to help you establish your business quickly, and give you the structure to grow and develop.

Achieving your business goals is going to be a lot easier if there is awareness of your brand or product in your target market. If not, the chances are it’s going to be a much harder job to break through and be a success.

Have you asked yourself some important questions:

  • Would I be proud to be part of this network?
  • Would you be happy to promote the products or services to your friends and family?
  • Does the franchise offer you quality products, and a quality support system?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then you can be confident that it is a franchise worthy of your consideration.

At Shuttercraft, we recognise that all these factors are vital considerations when choosing where to invest your money. Over the last five years, we’ve developed our business model to provide our franchise partners with everything they need to ensure their success.

From award-winning and innovative products, to a comprehensive business set up support system and marketing package, we will launch your business and generate leads from day one.

Growth in Shutters

Our brand is known nationally, and the market for our products is increasing all the time. The window covering market was valued at £1.52bn in 2019 and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

The growth in shutters as an alternative window dressing is a key part of this expansion. Despite the pandemic we’ve seen our business increase year on year by over 15%.

Are you are looking for a franchise that ticks all your boxes? Take a look at the quality of products and services that are available from Shuttercraft.

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