Marketing Is Our Business

Actually, our franchise offers high-quality interior shutters and blinds. What sets Shuttercraft apart from other franchises, is the fact that we manage all the marketing for our partners.

We know that for you to be a success, one of the vital things you need is a steady flow of leads to help get your cash flow established, and to give you the best chance of achieving your business goals.

Guaranteed To Make The Difference

In our market, the one thing that is guaranteed to make the difference is how you promote and market your business. Prospective customers won’t know about what you have to offer if you aren’t visible to them!

That’s why we’ve made it a core part of our strategy, by providing our franchise partners with extensive marketing support right from day one. After all, if you are not a success, then neither are we!

Providing Our Franchise Partners with Marketing Support

We recognise that a lot of people don’t want to own their own business and work constantly through the day and night to learn every aspect, so we’re taking the hard work out of setting up your brand and generating leads – leaving you to manage your business growth and development.

Dedicated In House Marketing Support

Using our expertise, and experience in building a string of successful Shuttercraft franchises, we have a dedicated in house marketing support team.

As well as a comprehensive start-up package of marketing support to get a new franchise partner going, we also have an ongoing programme to ensure continuous support and lead generation throughout the franchise term.

This gives you:

  • A 3-month marketing launch programme, managed by the Head Office team.
  • A local territory and competitor analysis, to identify what you’re up against and how you can gain the edge over the competition.
  • A detailed strategic plan to enable you to build your brand in your region and to create as much awareness as possible.
  • PPC and digital advertising with over £5,000 of allocated spend, to run integrated national and local PPC, social media adverts and website SEO optimisation.
  • Head office design service, including access to a printing portal for offline marketing collateral to support campaigns, point of sale and day to day stationery.
  • A full range of promotional PR and blogs, including the opening of your Shuttercraft territory, installation stories and lifestyle guides.
  • A step-by-step system to manage customer relationships, with proven strategies for customer acquisition, a client-nurturing programme and local referrals.
  • A 90-day intensive support programme to ensure that local marketing has maximum impact with ongoing quarterly strategy meetings.

All of this is included in the franchise fee and has been set up to give you peace of mind and confidence.

We want you to know that by joining the Shuttercraft franchise, you can look forward to building your business and to achieving both the income and the work/life balance you want with all of the support provided to you.

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