Franchising is a family business

A desire to spend more quality time with their children led Lynn and Steve to make several life-changing decisions. Not only did they decide to relocate to Cornwall, but they also decided to give up their successful careers in Marketing and Design. Their sole aim was to achieve a work/life balance that gave them freedom and flexibility whilst still delivering a healthy income.

Having sold their Nottinghamshire home they knew that investing in their own business would give them the best options, and most importantly, enable them to spend quality time with their two boys who were growing up fast.

"The Shuttercraft franchise was a match made in heaven for us!"

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    Lynn (Shuttercraft in Cornwall and Devon) talking to Ben (Shuttercraft in Bedford)

    Lynn (Shuttercraft in Cornwall and Devon) talking to Ben (Shuttercraft in Bedford)


    Steve (Shuttercraft Cornwall and Devon) at Shuttercraft HO annual event

    Steve (Shuttercraft Cornwall and Devon) at Shuttercraft HO annual event

    So why choose franchising?

    They looked at many business categories but, in the end decided that, as first time business owners, franchising would be the most appropriate route for them. It gave them the structure they wanted, a model that was tried and tested and most importantly the chance to work hard to build something for their future whilst enjoying their life now.

    They opted for an organic food delivery business which they ran successfully for 9 years, but when this company withdrew from franchising, they were in no doubt that they would again invest in a franchise business.

    After researching the options available, they discovered an existing Shuttercraft franchise that was operating in their area which had come up for sale. The current owners were relocating for family reasons, but they had already established a thriving customer network in the Cornwall/Devon region.

    With a background as a marketing manager for a blind company, Lynn was already aware of the fantastic market potential for great window dressing in the home improvement industry, and after initial discussions decided that they would purchase this business and make it their own. They loved the features of the Shuttercraft model and in particular that the territory was theirs and that they had flexibility on pricing. These were things that had been missing from their previous venture in franchising. The strength of the network was also a big deciding factor for them as was the fact that they could achieve an income from day 1.

    Since signing on the dotted line, they have not looked back – thanks to their hard work and determination they are exceeding the turnover achieved by the previous owners by 30% and whilst they knew that they would be very hands on to begin with, they have already put in place the key steps required to build a management franchise. They have taken on 2 staff one of whom is a full-time surveyor/installer, which has already made a massive difference enabling them to cover more of the territory and to spend time building the client base and exploring more opportunities. Their marketing is paying dividends and they are beginning to see the scope of how they can expand and increase the potential sales and income. Perhaps most importantly, they are able to arrange their working hours so that they are available to do the school run and spend quality family time with their two boys.

    "Being in a franchise gives us the time to spend with our growing family"

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      Book an appointment for a callback with a member of our team to take your first steps with Shuttercraft.

      The Future?

      They have set them a goal of 2 years to build their team, and fully intend to take at least 6 weeks holiday a year when they have done this. They appreciate that they are in the initial stages and know that it is hard work in these early days, but they also know that with their focus and determination and by following the Shuttercraft model, there is scope for them to achieve an income that exceeds their expectations and the freedom and flexibility to live the life they want.

      Shuttercraft are one of the UK’s leading window shutters franchise companies offering highly profitable franchise opportunities in selected parts of the UK.

      In 2016 Shuttercraft re-launched the franchise (established in 2012) and made a considerable financial investment into re-branding the business, implementing “next generation” IT systems and investing in key staff to take them to the next level.

      They made this investment due to the extraordinary growth of the UK shutter market and felt that by investing now they would future proof the business. As a company they have grown by 30% each year, which is extraordinary since the UK shutter industry is still in its infancy.

      As a Shuttercraft franchisee you will not be fitting shutters; your role is to effectively manage the business on a day to day basis, managing one to two fitters while you will focus on developing relationships in your local area.

      Ideally you will already have some management and sales experience. However, Shuttercraft do offer full training and support to help franchisees develop their sales and marketing skills.

      Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential and franchisees must be prepared to work hard, follow our system and be fully committed to getting the business off the ground in their assigned exclusive territory.

      You will benefit by having the on-going support of a fantastic, industry leading brand, and a highly effective head office support team which includes:

      • Specialist multi-level franchise support
      • Outstanding marketing & sales training
      • A dynamic logistics and Customer service team
      The Market

      Shutters are the fastest growing and most on-trend window coverings segment available today in the UK. In the U.S. one in every six windows is covered with a shutter whilst in the UK it is estimated that the plantation shutter market is now worth approximately £60-80m per annum.

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