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Shuttercraft is proud of the inspiring women driving the business forward, leading the way with brand values: People, Partnership and Pride, putting ‘People’ front and centre; starting from the head office team: over 70% women!

Lisa at Shuttercraft Franchsing annual gathering in Winchester.

A family-orientated business, supporting staff and franchise partners alike with business and personal challenges, we encourage our team to be mentors, coaches and leaders, not just to franchise partners but to each other too: 

“Believe in your dreams and know that the destiny you wish for yourself is achievable, with your dedication, passion, and hard work.”

        Rainy Holmes (Support Co-Ordinator)

Shuttercraft began an apprenticeship scheme in 2020, to help the next generation to do just that, resulting in strong, capable individuals working full-time in the business.     

Investment in staff wellbeing continues with group walks, health care, yoga classes, after-work BBQ’s, hybrid and flexible working, and a fantastic pension scheme.

All contribute to the reduction of stress, in turn leading to a team who love their jobs and support our franchise partners through their successes and challenges.

“De-stressing for me is achieved one of two ways… a meditative yoga class, or a good old rant…I don’t even need anyone to be listening, I just need to vocalise my frustrations. Both cathartic in their own way.”

Lisa Stead, Head of Franchising
Paula and Tina at Shuttercraft Franchsing annual gathering in Winchester.

Franchise partners need this too, and our team are happy to provide them with a supportive ear, even if to simply allowing them to vent their frustrations.  Lynn Allen (Franchise Partner) recommends preventative action too:

“Setting boundaries on your office hours and leaving your phone/PC in the office – it helps you to focus during the hours when you are working, to allow yourself the time to enjoy the other aspects of your life – family, hobbies etc”

Running a business comes with challenges, but network support makes the difference; we encourage our franchise partners to get to know each other with regular events and catch-ups, facilitating the ability to find support in each other too.

“Seek out someone that can help you, direct you, and provide what is required. Being in business does not mean you are alone or you’ve failed if you ask for help. The sign of a strong businessperson is to know when to ask for help! And to surround yourself with knowledgeable people.”

Liz Evans (Franchise Partner)

Our Business Support Manager, Clarissa Hearn, often looks to the quote

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts


whilst focussing on working together, it also prompts accepting yourself as a whole; all parts of you, work and personal, make you complete.

Rachel and Anna at Shuttercraft Franchsing annual gathering in Winchester

In those challenging moments, despite support and encouragement, we can all need a little more motivation, and Bridget Baynes (Franchise Administrator) recently shared her favourite quote with the team:

“The most wasted day is that on which we have not laughed”

                                          (Charlie Chaplin)

It reminds her to find happiness each day on something, however small, especially on “blue” days, bringing happiness and life to the soul.

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