New Territories

New Shuttercraft territories are £30,000 + VAT, covering your license to trade and initial start-up. Each territory is mapped to ensure that there are ample households within the key ABC1 demographic of higher income potential customers.


Period home by a river in Canterbury

No. households*: 723,754
No. affluent residents*: 105,099
*based on recent census data

Shuttercraft Canterbury

Following the coastline from Dover to Margate, across to Rochester and over the water in Southend-on-Sea, the Canterbury territory is a thriving location full of potential.

Canterbury, England, has a rich history and a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities that make it an appealing place to live and work. Situated a stone’s throw away from the Kent Downs, an area of outstanding natural beauty, the surrounding villages and towns boast outer city luxury with new homes and cosy country retreats.

Its rich history and a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities spreads throughout the county through its culturally diverse population driven by community spirit.

Though the centre of the main cities in the region are limited in space for new developments, the surrounding areas continue to grow with new housing estates in keeping with the local aesthetic adding to the ever-growing affluent families and retirees demographics in the region.

Shuttercraft Newcastle

Following the east coastline from Warkworth to Whitburn, and inland as far as Kirkharle, our Newcastle territory captures this great city that never stands still.

Known once as the wealthiest coal port in the country ‘keeping the south warm’, Newcastle today is the most populous settlement in the Tyneside conurbation of North East England and ranked as the 6th safest and 3rd friendliest city in the UK making it popular for families and local communities.

Previously a managed franchise, Newcastle was turning an average of £180kpa in retial sales pre-2021. With trade doubling in the area over the last two years, there is huge potential for this territory to thrive.

Aerial view of apartments by River Tyne on a cloudless day

No. households*: 488,621
No. affluent residents*: 249,196
*based on recent census data


Homes in Ipswich in England, United Kingdom
No. households*: 423,965
No. affluent residents*: 163,091
*based on recent census data

Shuttercraft Ipswich

Following the East coastline from Lowestoft to Clacton-on-sea, and inland as far as Sudbury and Thurston, this large territory offers huge potential with coverage across both Ipswich and Colchester in its territory.

Ipswich is England’s oldest Anglo-Saxon town and steeped in over 1,000 years of maritime and agricultural history. Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk and is the largest settlement in the county and popular with commuters due to it’s excellent transport links back into London. The appeal of cheaper homes for London commuters means lots of disposable income particularly in the southern parts of the region heading into Colchester where a rich history also thrives.

Previously a managed franchise until mid-2023, the territory was turning an average is £160k in retail sales per year, but left plenty of room for team growth and marketing development that if taken advantage of could see the territory boasting higher numbers. Having only become vacant in 2023, the area still carries good brand recognition, ideal for starting up fresh in the area.

Shuttercraft Chichester

From East Wittering to Shorham-on-sea and working its way inland to cover Billingshurst, Petersfield and Bishops Waltham, this territory falls into some of the most beautiful parts of the south of England.

A cathedral city, Chichester is the only city in West Sussex. A short journey from London, the area hosts a number of London commuters living comfortably outside of the city in large family homes.

Awarded the title of ‘best place to live in the South East’ by the Sunday Times, living in Chichester is an excellent prospect for families as the region hosts a number of renowned schools and infrastructure, and there are a lot of new housing developments being built across the region creating excellent opportunities for sales.

No. households*: 260,110
No. affluent residents*: 61,710
*based on recent census data

Shuttercraft Stafford

This large territory covers Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent going as far north as Congleton and west to Market Drayton.

Stafford is a vibrant historic town, ranked among the happiest and most affordable places to live in the UK. Covering a blend of traditional period terraced homes, larger semi-detached and detached homes, and modern purpose-built flats and apartments, first-time buyers, growing families and retiring pensioners are all catered for in the town, not to mention several attractive housing developments are still under construction in the area highlighting sustainable growth in the future.

North of the town are a lot of community led, quintessential, Staffordshire villages boasting period homes and new developments in the same style. In contrast Stoke-on-Trent (Stoke) is most famous for pottery and offers a mixture of family homes and affordable living.

Previously a managed franchise, the territory turned circa £120k retail sales per year, but leaves plenty of growth opportunity and brand reputation as the territory was ran by a single owner operator for 2 years. With investment, the territory could easily double its numbers due to its low competition outside of Birmingham.




Terraces of houses near the city centre of Stoke on Trent

No. households*: 313,668
No. affluent residents*: 33,678
*based on recent census data


A view of Princes Reach residential apartments overlooking the water at Preston dock on a sunny day.
No. households*: 523,780
No. affluent residents*: 98,407
*based on recent census data

Shuttercraft Preston

Following the west cost from Fleetwood to Formby and inland as far as Longridge and Wigan, the Preston territory sits in a strong demand area for shutters and blinds.

The good employment rates mainly attract a younger population to the city with large companies opening offices in the city. Preston has seen tremendous amounts of development to support homes within the commuter belt of major cities like Liverpool and Manchester. A vibrant up and coming northern city, there is a lot of potential for aspiring home owners and new families.

Moving further north towards Blackpool, the outskirts of the city boast similar benefits of an abundance of housing and plentiful jobs catering to families who benefit from the buzzing seaside town with lot of local amenities and activities.

Previously a managed franchise, the territory turned circa £52k trade sales per year with a single owner operator, leaving plenty of room for growth and investment to increase this.


Shuttercraft Blackburn

Covering the towns of Blackburn, Burnley and Bolton, this territory covers a wide area of towns primed with new affordable housing.

Burnley is a thriving market town which offers brilliant opportunities for first time buyers, second steppers and landlords alike. Surrounded by countryside, the city itself is ever growing whilst retaining its more rural villages near the Pennines.

Bolton is a historical town that benefits from its proximity to the countryside as well as Manchester for commuters. For professionals, there are excellent career opportunities lending to a number of affluent single/couple households in the region.

Similarly Blackburn also benefits from historical town routes and flowing countryside making it appealing to families who are spoilt by an abundance of greenspaces and easy to reach amenities.

View over Pendle district in Burnley
No. households*: 372,966
No. affluent residents*: 30,728
*based on recent census data

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