The Shuttercraft Network Continues to Grow!

Our Franchise Network

Shuttercraft continues to grow as a franchise network, welcoming new business owners to the franchise as the brand expands over new locations nationally. Despite economic challenges with the shipping crisis and societal changes, our business has worked to adapt to consistently increase sales and profits.

We are proud of the efforts of our network that have exceeded working through obstacles and continue to build successful businesses.

Despite economic challenges with the shipping crisis and societal changes, our business has worked to adapt to consistently increase sales and profits. We are proud of the efforts of our network that have exceeded working through obstacles and continue to build successful businesses.

We have been fortunate to consistently welcome exciting new partners to our network, all from different backgrounds bringing a variety of experiences and skillsets to the team. In recent months, Shuttercraft has undergone a few different network developments, including resales, existing partners purchasing new territories, and investments in new territories.

Opportunities in Resales

Our first resale was to Ben Morris Spicer, who purchased Shuttercraft in Bedford. He brought the territory from Gene Astell who he had built a business relationship with, working as his fitter.

Ben’s strong eye for detail and a wealth of experience in creative problem solving for high-end clients in London, sparked an opportunity between his employer and him to review a self-employed future.

‘The plan for the immediate future is to grow the business within Bedfordshire into a respected, trusted brand, known for great customer service and high-quality installations. We hope to run the franchise for the next decade or more, creating a strong team and eventually selling the business on to the next person as enthusiastic about shutters as we are.’

Ben Morris Spicer

Shuttercraft in the Southwest

Closely following this, Alan and Paula Hibbens, our Devon and Cornwall territory owners decided to move closer to family by selling their territory in the West to purchase Dorset.

Devon and Cornwall were quickly snapped up by Lynn and Steve Allen. With experience owning a franchise business, Lynn and Steve were excited to invest in the new franchise opportunity with Shuttercraft.

Devon and Cornwall is an established territory with a strong brand presence, credited to the hard work of Alan and Paula in building the business.

Having worked in the window coverings sector in the past, Lynn was initially drawn to the quality of product and the brand. They were also attracted to the opportunity for growth and development the Shuttercraft franchise presented.

‘The opportunity was there in the area, and it suited our ambition to grow and develop a management model, rather than other franchises in the same industry with man-in-a-van only structures. We came across Shuttercraft at the perfect time, it is the ideal fit for us!’ 

Lynn Allen

Alan and Paula went on to invest in a new Shuttercraft opportunity, buying the Dorset territory. After growing their successful Shuttercraft franchise in the Southwest, they have had a lifestyle change, moving house, so are capitalizing on the chance to build their enterprise in a new location

‘Although we will miss living in Cornwall and working in and around the beautiful part of the country, we are excited to get started with our new business here in Dorset! To be able to see really happy customers, who are pleased with their products and service. It means a lot that they are happy with the whole service. It’s also great to work and meet fantastic people in wonderful homes.’

Paula Hibbens

Branching into Scotland

Shuttercraft also branched out into the North welcoming Simon and Jim Shaw, our first partners in Scotland. We are very excited to see the growth of Shuttercraft in Scotland starting with Glasgow West. Glasgow West is run by a father and son team, Jim and Simon who have career backgrounds in various roles within the electrical contraction industry, small business, and property development.

The pair chose Shuttercraft as they felt they could relate to the brand and the services that we offer. They could see themselves investing in and growing the business model as well as working within the day-to-day runnings of the business. 

‘Shuttercraft stood out as a strong brand compared to some of the others available. The model that [Shuttercraft] operate was one we could easily relate to and visualise.’

Jim Shaw

Welcoming to the Team

Another exciting addition to the network is Marie Holland, who is the business owner of Shuttercraft in Chester. After working 26 years in a corporate environment, Marie decided to set out on her own with an aspiration to work self-employed. In her career, she gained expertise in management and customer service, which she can now put into practice running her own business.

We are thrilled to have Marie as our first solo female franchise owner and look forward to being part of the journey in the growth of her business. 

‘I invested in a franchise to secure the futures of my children and my retirement, and gain a sense of stability for our future, rather than relying on employment within a company. Also, the element of commitment and excitement in building something and seeing results.

Marie Holland

With all our recent franchise developments and welcoming new members of the network onboard, we look forward to seeing what 2022 brings, continuing to advance as a brand and franchise community.

A Business Model with Opportunities

We are confident that our business model can give you the income you want while our award-winning training will give you the skills you need.

Working for yourself is a career change that allows you to structure your routine and live a flexible lifestyle. If you are looking for a work-life balance, becoming self-employed could be perfect for you.

There are many opportunities and business models in the realms of working for yourself, it is just finding the right industry and role that suits you.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can transform your life, find out more about the Shuttercraft franchise here.

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