Celebrating the women in Shuttercraft

Women in Business

Here at Shuttercraft we recognise the women who build our incredible network, creating a motivational and supportive environment to achieve career goals.

Shuttercraft is built on successful partnerships within an incredible network of people, striving forward as the business continues to flourish. We are proud our network and Head Office team, includes women who are achieving their goals in a male-dominated industry. The diversity in our network strengthens who we are and what we offer.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an opportunity to celebrate collaboration in Shuttercraft, how the women in the business have grown in their roles, and in what they offer the network, as we work in synergy to build a trusted national brand.

“Being part of a team that celebrates and encourages the success of women in a male dominated sector is so rewarding.  Our customer support, marketing, finance and franchising team are filled with exceptional women at all stages of their careers, and we love to support and guide our female franchisees to both professional and personal success!”

Lisa Stead, Head of Franchise

Break the Bias

This year’s IWD theme is #BreakTheBias which really recognises how being a woman in business isn’t always easy in a male-dominated industry. We empower our women in business, as a franchisor and as an employer, by doing everything we can to build confidence in our franchise partners, ensuring we adapt our training to the strengths and experiences of the individual.

“[I] didn’t have the shutter experience required … Training has been very good, the team at Head Office are a great support as well as other Franchisees with their help and experience have given great advice.”

Paula Hibbens, Shuttercraft in Dorset

“International Women’s Day highlights societies ongoing need for equality. Particularly in gender identity, workplaces, sports and fashion. Too much pressure is placed on women to ‘fight’ to succeed, when everyone really is working towards the same, very human, things.”

Clarissa Hearn

As a business owner, I am in charge of my future, with the knowledge that I can grow and shape my business dependent on my own performance.”

“Communication in a male dominated arena is different; it’s more direct, with banter and less empathy than when working within a female group. I have been asked several times by male clients, why are you in this type of job? To which I reply, it’s not a job, it’s my business.”

Marie Holland, Shuttercraft in Chester

“That’s what made Shuttercraft really standout…just really informative, really laid back, you can ask anything you want, nothing was hidden, it immediately felt that you had the credibility of a nationwide company, but you are still local, and it is yours’, your business.”

Liz Evans, Shuttercraft in Hastings

Equal Opportunity in Franchising

Shuttercraft implements inclusion naturally throughout the on-boarding process for franchise partners, as well as when recruiting new employees. Equal opportunity is a value we honour, but in our opinion, shouldn’t everybody?

“The training at Shuttercraft was first class, Mark (S:CRAFT Training Manager) accepted I was a total novice. He hugely adapted the course to suit me, and I felt comfortable throughout. The atmosphere within Shuttercraft is warm and motivating, with a very reassuring and knowledgeable team of specialists in each field.”

Marie Holland, Shuttercraft in Chester

The Shuttercraft franchise is made up with a diverse range of people, with different backgrounds and experiences who work in partnership and inspire one another.

“If I am honest it {the process} has exceeded my expectations, in that it is very much a community”

Liz Evans, Shuttercraft in Hastings

A sense of community includes encouraging and embracing individuality, supporting people to flourish in the best version of themselves, and feel confident as part of a collective. Community is important within a franchise network, to work in synergy with each other to build a trusted brand, reflected from the trust and togetherness from within the company.

Is this a franchise network you can see yourself being part of? Are you inspired to own a business in a growing market?  To find out more visit  shuttercraft-franchise.co.uk.

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